Detailed Conference Program

The time slot for a presentation is up to 25 minutes including discussion, i.e. about 18 minutes for the talk.

Friday December 2, 2011

16:30 - 17:40 Section: Logic and Language
chair: Karel Pala
  • Aleš Horák, Miloš Jakubíček, Vojtěch Kovář
    Analyzing Time-Related Clauses in Transparent Intensional Logic
  • Andrej Gardoň
    Mind modeling using Transparent Intensional Logic 
  • Zuzana Nevěřilová, Marek Grác
    Verbs as Predicates: Towards Inference in a Discourse

19:00 - 20:40 Section: Syntax, Morphology and Lexicon
chair: Aleš Horák
  • Miloš Jakubíček, Vojtěch Kovář, Pavel Šmerk
    Czech Morphological Tagset Revisited 
  • Juyeon Kang
    Korean Parsing in an Extended Categorial Grammar 
  • Vašek Němčík
    Extracting Phrases from PDT 2.0 
  • Dana Hlaváčková, Adam Rambousek
    Extended VerbaLex Editor Interface Based on the DEB Platform

Saturday December 3, 2011

16:00 - 17:40 Section: Text Corpora
chair: Pavel Rychlý
  • Petr Sojka, Martin Líška, Michal Ružička
    Building Corpora of Technical Texts: Approaches and Tools 
  • Vít Baisa
    Corpus-based Disambiguation for Machine Translation 
  • Gulshan Dovudov, Jan Pomikálek, Vít Suchomel, Pavel Šmerk
    Building a 50M Corpus of Tajik Language 
  • Vít Suchomel, Jan Pomikálek
    Practical Web Crawling for Text Corpora
19:00 - 20:40 Section: Language Modelling
chair: Petr Sojka
  • Jiří Materna and Juraj Hreško
    A Bayesian Approach to Query Language Identification
  • Jan Rygl, Aleš Horák
    A Framework for Authorship Identification in the Internet Environment
  • Jan Pomikálek, Vít Suchomel
    chared: Character Encoding Detection with a Known Language
  • Pavel Rychlý
    Words’ Burstiness in Language Models

Sunday December 4, 2011

Closing the Workshop